The Council of Candy

Four Top Threes – Candy

In this S02E07 episode, we talk about our favourite candy. Ok well maybe a little more “salt-sticks-are-not-a-candy-and-biscuits-are-not-a-candy-actually-we-need-a-definition-of-what-a-candy-is ”.

We talk about what constitutes a candy, pineapples on pizzas?!, why Vee wants to travel with a drawstring bag and how a wendy’s burger should count as candy.

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Coconut haystack, Neil’s coconut haystack cookies, bounty, almond joy, coconut macaroons, kókoskúlur, Haribo Tropifrutti, Haribo berries, fried eggs, cola bottle, Pic’n’Mix, Bar-Billards,Tiritas Picositas 1, Tiritas Picositas 2, Double Dip, Þristur, ibons, ginger ale/canada dry, Chocolate Limes, Fry’s Peppermint Creams, Lemonheads, Lemon Drops, bonbons, Jolly Ranchers, Strawberry Cream Savers, Werther’s Originals, chocolate covered raisins, chocolate covered cacao beans, ooze in a tube, Dextro-Energy, Lucozade, Kit-Kats, The Exam (Play Vee was in), After Eights, Olive Garden chocolate mints, Kokosrum, Turkish delight  

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