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Noodles and Pasta

In this S02E11 episode, we talk about our top “noodles”. Ok well maybe a little more “the-recipe-is-in-icelandic-but-its-ok-I-live-my-life-with-google-translate”.

We talk about what the heck a noodle is, prisoners of the education system, cheese is the best spice and S’ghetti. 

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Links (we take no responsibility if you decide to click these):

Knödel, Bread and Butter Pudding, fiskbollur, Assassins spaghetti, spaghetti & sausages, Chef Boyardee, Ora Ketchup, British Corner Shop – now sadly closed down, Spirelli/Fusilli, Skyr, Chicken Spaghetti, Velveeta, kritharaki, Canton on Vestmannaeyjar, Pot Noodle chicken and mushroom, samyeng spicey noodles, nongshim noodles, schupfnudel, tortellini, Maultasche, raviloli, macaroni cheese, Macaroni Cheese Bar, Sour S’ghetti, udon noodles, Pancit/glass noodles, I refuse to link the thing Neil linked us – email me if you want to see it, Gott restaurant


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