Guys, Are We Circle…?

Four Top Threes – Blighthouse Inspirations

CW: We talk about a game called “Hello Charlotte” and the youtube series Petscop, which have fictional child ab*se, and how that affected our character Squash.

In this S02E06 episode, we talk about our top inspirations for Blighthouse Projects. Ok well maybe a little more “inspiration-isn’t-always-a-eureka-moment-but-its-basically-just-narrowing-down-my-musical-choices”.

We talk about self love is still love, spoiler go check it out, D&D is just coal and Vee is going to add a cat to Neil’s avatar.

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The Lucky Die, Counterbalance, Second Shift, Avatar the Last Airbender, Avatar, Liberty Critical Research, Utopia, Ring of Power, Be Prepared!, District 9, Buffy, D&D 5e Character Sheet, Wardruna, Dragonball Z, Hunter x Hunter, My Hero Academia, Shounen anime, Armstrong Full Metal Alchemist, United States of Whatever, Cropsey – Have A Nice Life, Shoot The Human’s First, SPACED Bringing Home the Bacon, The Tempest, The Magician, Dr Who, Books of the Raksura, Mushishi, Water Clock, Iron[II] Sulphide, Diablo 3 Whimseyshire, Day of the Triffids TV, Little Shop of Horrors, Death Note, Highschool of the Dead, Puss in Boots 2, I’m Not A Cat, Hello Charlotte, ManlyBadassHero Youtube, Made in Abyzz, Petscop, Evan Perks, Rhal’s Spotify Playlist, Top 5 Beatdown, Ice Cream,                

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