The Efficiency of Pizza

Four Top Threes – Favourite Meals

In this episode, we talk about our favourite meals. Ok well maybe a little more “Why-meat-in-your-pies-when-the-lid-isn’t-even-pie-crust-and-what-does-marmite-even-taste-like-Vee?!-VEE?!”

We talk about the CEO of Sausages, British Cuisine, anti hangover food and first date food.

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Links (we take no responsibility if you decide to click these – most of these are recipes):Pizza, Spaghetti, Fast food, rice and mango, chicken spaghetti, shepherds pie, cottage pie, Marmite and Bovril, Spam, casserole and stew,lasagna, Kjötsúpa, Skyr, Bubble Tea, Omelette,Vegan omelette, Szechuan Chicken, Cheese Enchiladas, burrito, enchirito, Keto Lemon Salmon (close enough recipe), tortellini, fish, Skata, grafinlax, tuna mayo sandwiches, california burritos,fajitas, lifrarkæfa, Sausage Sandwiches, meatloaf, Lychees, Leberkase, Dragonfruit, White Chocolate Cheesecake, Starfruit, Macaroni Cheese/ Mac´n´Cheese

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