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Four Top Threes – Songs From Musicals

In this S02E03 episode, we talk about our favourite songs from musicals. Ok well maybe a little more “Narnia-is-the-bible-told-from-a-furry-point-of-view”.

We talk about Shrek being the Best Musical, musical-or-songical, gorgeous duets and how many cats in War of the Worlds?

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Super easy this month, enjoy the Youtube playlist with our picks and this other playlist with our other mentions!
Hotel Transylvania, Wedding Crashers, Lost In Translation, Cats, Lion King Broadway, Oliver and Company, Aristocats, Jonathan Young / Jon’s Studio, Caleb Hyles, Vocal Analysis, Vögguvísa (real link – youtube won’t let me add to the official playlist), Lazy Town, O, Remous (Reak Link, Silly Youtube), Protomen Act III it did happen Eyþór, literally 2 weeks after recording!, KarmaflowLittle Shop of Horrors, The King and I, The Sound of Music, Pink Floyd: The Wall, Dark Dice the Musical, South Park

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