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Eyþór (he/him)

Master of Coin, Ad Man, Actor – eythor[at]blighthouse[dot]studio

Eyþór is a native-born Icelander from the island Vestmannaeyjar, just off the south coast of Iceland. After moving to the capital for higher education, he quickly discovered his love for podcasts. Very shortly Eyþór began exploring voice acting and it was through one of these projects that he met Volonda. 

In Blighthouse, Eyþór serves as our master of coin, making sure we fulfil merchandise orders and Patreon promises. He is the man when it comes to ads. Oh by the way, email him if you want to do an ad swap with any of our shows!

Kessir (it/its)

Artist, Writer, Producer, Actor kessir[at]blighthouse[dot]studio

Kessi Riliniki is a visual artist, voice actor, and caretaker of bunny rabbits from Germany. On long hikes in the woods and mountains Kessi discovered a love for art and began listening to podcasts on these journeys. Since then, Kessi has created the cover artwork for multiple shows, as well as being the writer, creator, and lead voice actor on the fantasy epic – Counterbalance.

Within Blighthouse, Kessi is the go to person for all things visual. With its background of digital design, it’s skills are unmatched on our team. Also, Kessi’s experience as an audio drama creator, entirely on its own, is invaluable. All round good bun.

Neil (he/him)

Editor, Musician, Actor – neil[at]blighthouse[dot]studio

Neil got into podcasts and tabletop games after returning home from playing in punk rock bands in various parts of the country, which he did after quitting music education college. Having a personal love for cinematic and ambient music, Neil had dabbled in making experimental music in many genres before actually dedicating himself to learning audio production techniques. 

As Blighthouse’s resident musical and editing guru, Neil creates all the beautiful music for The Lucky Die and has created multitude of kick ass theme tunes. Additionally, Neil is our go to man for audio equipment and audio treatment. 

Volonda (Any)

Lead Producer, Forever GM, Actor – volonda[at]blighthouse[dot]studio

Volonda, Volly, Vee, VeEeEeEeE! Vee is an odd job, jack of all trades kind of person, with skills from many different areas of life. They’ve enjoyed roleplaying from a young age, and after listening to an audio drama, decided that’s what they wanted to do: tell stories in audio form. One utterance of “I’ve got a wild idea” and boosh, The Lucky Die was born.

As Blighthouse’s resident organiser and cheerleader, they keep the team in check, finds help and resources, reaches out to other podcasts, helps with merch, helps with … We could go on but Volly is the conductor that keeps things running.

Arch (he/him)

TLD Core Cast, Community Manager – Twitter

Arch first stepped into the realm of Tabletop gaming when his Dad bought him the 3.5e starter set for D&D. Since then, he has been an avid player, all encompassing DM, and an enthusiastic podcaster. He currently has his own Twitch channel that he plays all variety of games on, with some familiar voices as guests. Aside from Podcasting and Streaming, he also works full-time in a pet store, giving love to our furry, scaled and feathered friends, and posts pictures to our pet mad fans in our discord.

In Blighthouse, Arch looks after our community over there on discord and works with the social media team.

Casey (they/them)

TLD Core Cast, Marketing Guru – Twitter

Casey got into tabletop in college, but has had a great love of acting since childhood and RP in general since middle school. Casey loves creating complex and interesting characters. 

They are currently in probably too many games and working on multiple podcasting projects (including one for Blighthouse!). They also work for Nerdy City and has helped them to complete many successful Kickstarter Projects. Casey is also our resident history and horror film buff.

Casey’s punk room in Blighthouse is set aside for more podcast creations and helping the team with sponsorships and advertising communications.

Carollyn (she/her)

Counterbalance Core Cast – Twitter

Formerly a mediadesigner, she is now working a full time job as mother of twins. To a degree, Carollyn is also the second parent of Counterbalance, as without her, its creation would probably have faltered at the conception.

She debuted as a voice-actress in Kessir’s first one-off audio drama “Those Who Sing” in 2014. She has not been involved in any other podcast projects.

Lína (she/her)

Social Media Manager – linakatrin[dot]th[at]gmail[dot]com

Lína is half Icelandic/half American, born and now living on the island Vestmannaeyjar in Iceland with her partner, son and two cats. She has a bachelors degree in finance and marketing with an emphasis on social media. Her hobbies include true crime, video games and whatever her newest ADD hyperfocus is. Lína met Volanda working at the Beluga Whale Sanctuary and quickly wormed her way into the podcasts.

In Blighthouse, Lína is our social media manager for TLD and Four Top Threes social media accounts – and making sure to stay in touch with all you lovely listeners! Those engagement posts; that cute meme: that witty comment: that’s all Lína! We’re forever thankful for her.

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