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Telling your friends and family about us, is the BEST way for use to get heard. Leaving reviews, talking about us on social media… it does so much for our ability to expand to. And we love reading your reviews too!


If you want early access, ad free episodes, bloopers, access to AMAs, this is the best way to support us. We have many tiers and a variety of benefits across our podcasts.


Do you like metal posters?! Well we sure do! Kessir’s amazing art from across the Blighthouse Studio stories is now available on Displate. Click on show Displates option to see them all.


Want a copy of the music from the first half of The Lucky Die? We got you! All profits go to Neil, who composed everything you hear.


Find all of our awesome designs in on place from a print on demand service. Keep an eye out for those sales!


All of our custom creations you can find on Etsy – from limited edition pins, charms and play cards!

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