Mother Fluffing Bunnys

Four Top Threes – Profanity in Media

CW: There is a lot, and we mean A LOT of swearing in this episode, unbleeped, and yes including THAT cuss word. Good thing we’re not monetised!

In this S02E02 episode, we talk about our favourite uses of profanity in media. Ok well maybe a little more “HOW-MANY-2006-MOVIES-DOES-NEIL-KNOW-AND-IS-IT-A-BIT?”.

We talk about Mother Fluffing Bunnies, bleeping is still funny, radio edits and the Jazz Drum Version of Footloose.

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Links (we take no responsibility if you decide to click these):Brad Taste in Music, Little Miss Sunshine, FUIMADANE, Counterbalance, YGOTAS, Mythbusters No Pain No Gain, Icelandic Tin Tin, Tool, No One Is Ever Going To Want Me, Silver Mt Zion, MGMT, Tenet, Tenet in Reverse, Sator Square, Schaffer the Dark Lord, The Soup Store, Killing in the Name (BBC, not ITV VEEE!), The Vagina Monologues, Veeat TheWick Theatre, Real Dragonsand Streams, Whiplash final scene (we advise listening when it comes up along side us, it’s badass), Suck My Hafling Girth, Eyþór Rant, Full Metal Jacket – CW Murder/Suicide, Pick of Destiny, The Definition of, South Park the Movie, The Seven Dirty Words, The Exorcist, A Special Song For You, CeeLo Green, Count Cursing

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