Busy Days, Big Changes

Busy days mean big changes.

Today, Volonda and Kessir have spent almost all of the day updating the social handles, and making this sexy, sexy new website.

Yesterday, Vee has spent the better part of 8 hours moving the entire Blighthouse Studio catalog (nearly 300 episodes) over to our new host: Megaphone.

This is a huge step for us, a scary and exciting one we have taken because we have decided to partner with Realm. Realm is a network that makes and supports makers of podcasts, helping them to find audiences and listeners all around the world.

We’ve always strived to make stories that are worth listening to – and taking this huge step to join up with the Realm network is in an effort to further share those stories with a larger audience, and be able to support our dreams of expanding our worlds of TLD and Counterbalance (and yeah, there’s other worlds coming too!).

To be able to achieve this goal of supporting our growth, we need to take Blighthouse Studio seriously as an entity, and a part of that is taking the step of adding ads to the show. Don’t worry though – our fiction shows will not have any mid rolls, only pre and post ads.

And by expanding, we mean being able to pay for more content, art, module/book creation, actors, players time and advertising – as well as paying Neil what he is ACTUALLY worth, not the pennies he has been accepting for the last year and a half (yes, he did all the editing and composing, for free, for 4 years!)

So yeah, these last few days were busy days! Ones that will hopefully signal big changes, for the better.

Love always.

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