Life Is A Gift, Vee

Four Top Threes – Favourite Gift Received

In this S01E06 episode, we talk about our favourite gifts. Ok well maybe a little more “Everyone-one-of-you-is-a-treasure-and-computer-games-has-ruined-slash-led-us-on-our-nerdy-path”.

We talk about computer games, music, art and how much we treasure each other as gifts in our lives.

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Playstation 2, Destiny Warriors 2, Commodore 64, Oni, Final Fantasy IX, VHS, Christopher Columbus cartoon, Tom & Jerry the Movie, Gameboy – The Collection, Lychee, N64, Xbox 360, Red Ring of Death, Oblivion, Super Mario Bros, Blockbuster, Guitar Hero II, WoW, Weezer, Slipknot, The Burger King Games: Sneak King, Burger King: Big Bumpin’ & Pocket Bike Racer, Volly’s Guitar, Box of Teeth, Pullovers, Korn, Metallica, mewithoutyou, foxing, Richard Digance, Radiohead, Muse, Sigur Ros, The Corrs, Ramstein, The White Vault, Tian!, KC Wayland, Tian’s Dice, Tian Coffee Cup, Dark Dice (that moment), Brett Bullion Art, Respite Art, Travis’ Reddit PostAnimorphs Book 4, Wacom Bamboo Tablet, The Lucky Die, Helena Fantasy Art, Artwork for TLD, Tayless & Zaltanna, Cony & Brown, Counterbalance, Eyþór as a Super Hero (By Bára Viðarsson), 

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