Iceland Halloween – The Musical

Four Top Threes – Country Customs

In this S01E03 episode, we talk about our  favourite origin country’s customs. Ok well maybe a little more “no-noise-sunday-its-hangover-day-with -presidents-and-turkeys-now-i-can’t-breathe-innit?”

We talk about not coming at us, turkey retirement farms, Accidental April Fools and the German’s polite version of The Purge.

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Ruhezeit, Turkey Pardons, Öskudagur, krummi krúnkar uti, Bolludagur, pancake day, rhyming slang/cockney, Liberty (Teal), the spy who shagged me, Polite Version of The Purge, Titus from TLD, Tanja Milojevic, Halloween, TPing A House, Fisherman’s Day, Husband’s Day, Mother’s Day, Victorian Funeral Customs, Church Bell Ringing, Wirsberg, Black Friday, Supersizing, Groundhog Day, Popeye Visit, GIF, 13 Yule Lads, Christmas Bells Iceland, The Queen’s Speech, The Queen Denied At Parliament, TÜV, Þjóðhátíð, Christmas Carolling, Walpurgis nacht, April Fools’ Day,   

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