Going Down A Rabbithole

Four Top Threes – Favourite Animals

In this S01E04 episode, we talk about our favourite animals. Ok well maybe a little more “can’t-keep-lizards-because-insects-don’t-belong-in-my-fridge-next-to-my-food-Eyþór!-BeeMWs”.

We talk about the fact that lady birds are not in fact birds, the point of our podcast, calling out Koalas and the wolfish’s final revenge on fishermen. 

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Geckos, we will not be linking to effing spiders or crane flies because Volly doesn’t want to add them to her google algorithm, blue tongued skinks, iguanas, ladybugs/Ladybirds, rhinoceros beetles, Stag Beetles, moths, monarch butterfly, bats, fruit bats, austin bats, platypus, koalas , lumpsuckers (I’m not 100% I the info I gave in the episode is correct), wolfish/steinbitur, bearded vultures, blue and gold macaw, indian ring neck, african greys, rainbow lorikeet, lyrebird, conure, chickens, Brighton Pier, Crows & Ravens, fennec fox, lynx, chihuahua, icelandic arctic fox, seals, reykjavik zoo (húsdýragarðurinn), red panda, red panda shirt, savannah cat, serval cats, munchkin cats, kangaroos, important bunnie keeper info!, Kessi’s Buns, netherland dwarfs, atlantic puffins, red tail bees, coral, shoebill

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